Way@Work is a free medical care program for low-income, uninsured workers in Clay County, Florida. A unique employee assistance program, Way@Work works directly with local businesses to pre-qualify workers for free medical care before they become ill. The program is free to both workers and employers, and participating businesses have the option to become a supporting sponsor of the program through a corporate donation.

Many workers and employers are unaware of options for free and affordable care for uninsured workers. Once a business signs up for Way@Work, Clinic staff members help uninsured workers self-identify as eligible. Those employees are then registered with The Way Clinic as a patient, making accessing future care quick and easy.
Participating businesses can join the family of supporters of The Way by designating their company as a Way@Work Sponsor.

The company’s annual contribution helps support the program, as well as designates the business as certified for providing access to healthcare for their low-income employees. Contributing businesses receive a certificate and enjoy the benefits of the Clinic’s marketing platform and designation as a donor participant.

Benefits of the program include:
  • No-cost way for employers to provide access to medical care for uninsured employees
  • Free care encourages medical visits, improving employee performance, attendance, and retention`
  • Eligible employees can receive completely free medical treatment from our experienced staff
  • Interpretation services are available to all patients in virtually any language
  • Eligible family members may also receive care
  • Recognition for your company as a caring, supporting employer providing a healthcare alternative to your employees

Way@Work is endorsed by the Clay County Chamber of Commerce, which provides marketing support for the program.

To enroll/pre-qualify in Way@Work please use the QR code below



print and fill out the Intake form accessed through the link provided below

and email form to or


Countywide Coordinated Medical Care Initiative

This program is under development and will be a county-wide initiative to unite and give an opportunity for health care networks, businesses, and individuals to put together the puzzle pieces of needed healthcare to serve the uninsured and underinsured population in Clay County. This initiative will enable patients to receive free or discounted care, reducing unnecessary rehospitalization while saving the health care industry significant dollars each year.



Clay County Houses of Worship Making an Impact

A growing number of Clay County houses of worship have joined with The Way Clinic to help people in need of medical care and help insure the sustainability of the clinic’s future. All Clay County houses of worship are welcome to join us in this “Good Samaritan” partnership. Send us your people in need, and we will provide the medical care for them.

Additionally, churches may elect to dedicate an annual contribution to support The Way Clinic’s operation or take up one or more collections directly from the congregation. Member churches may also make individual giving opportunities available for congregants who have a personal interest in supporting the clinic, and also make available opportunities for congregants to volunteer.

Through their individual and collective efforts, the WayMission houses of worship can, and do, provide medical care for thousands of Clay residents in need, while helping to ensure the sustainability of the Way clinic for years to come.


The Way Free Medical Clinic

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